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One of the most significant discovers from nature so-employed by innumerous means is rubber. Hence, the world wouldn’t be the same without this material found in form of tree sap or synthetically obtained in laboratories and called by the botanicals as “Hevea Brasiliensis”. When collecting jungle scouts would cris-cross scores on the tree trunk and attach a small bowl onto it for sap collecting.

A famous name is Charles Goodyear of the rubber industry. Due to the fact that when rubber was early explored its products didn’t last much longer. Goodyear made his way trough this problem: He received, in 1837, his first patent for a process he invented that made rubber easier to work with. But that is not all. Six years later, by removing the sulphur from rubber, and then, heating it, he realized that elasticity rendered further retained. From this incredible discover, rubber waterproof and winter-proof were invented. Such process namely as “vulcanization”. Today most of us already heard about it or just saw a “Goodyear” product.

Other very important end for the rubber was thought and invented in the late 1800’s. Humphrey O’Sullivan received the first patent for a rubber heel for shoes, and then, was invented the world wide known “Sneakers”. Other important rubber-based product, so indispensable today, is the Polystyrene. It is created from erethylene and benzene and its extreme importance comes from the fact that it can be injected, extruded or even blown molded, making it a very versatile material, used in the composition of goods as PVC, Magnetic Tape and Synthetic Rubber.

Rubber is present in our every day life; from the smallest to the biggest feature. It entails so many derivates in that different to be considered as important as antibiotics, for example. 


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